November 18, 2008

Ron Paul vs. Ben Bernanke

Two old sparring partners go at it again. This time, Ron Paul calls Bernanke's bluff. Bernanke then tells an untruth about whether he has discussed this international currency with central bankers. Notice that at the end he says, with a hint of a smirk, that central banks are planning to sell gold. Is he looking to drive down the price of gold? For what purpose?


Liz said...

Ben, I'm really excited about this blog-- I've been wanting a good forum to figure these things out for myself. To that end, if you make a statement like he "tells an untruth" about something, could you tell me how you know that? (e.g. give a link to a news site or something where this was reported.) I know you do your research and I trust that you don't make such assuming statements lightly, I just want to be able to verify these things for myself so that I don't go passing on second and third-hand information to people I talk with.

Thanks again for starting this; I think it'll be a great way to figure some things out.

BEN said...

Sure, thanks for asking. The most prominent discussion now is about the Amero. This is not some conspiracy theory currency. It is actually being planned and some let it slip.

BEN said...

Here is an article that proposes a new global monetary system: