May 18, 2010

A History of Iran

This is nearly ten minutes long, but definitely worth watching all the way through. Particularly watch for the part which imagines a reversal of American and Iranian situations and asks American viewers to consider what they would hope Iran would do in that scenario.

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Taylor & Stephanie Cane said...

A little too conspiracy style for my taste but this would be a good wake up call for a lot of people.

U.S. Government screws stuff up in Iran, tries to fix it and ends up screwing it up more, then makes them the enemy in an attempt to justify their actions... etc etc and it goes around in circles, it's all kind of sad if you ask me.

I talk to people about Iran ALL the time. I try to help them understand that there so many bigger threats to the u.s. than Iran. The media has really done an amazing job teaching us all that Iran is the devil.