August 11, 2009

Obama just defeated his own argument

"UPS and FedEx are doing just fine....It's the Post Office that's always having problems."

Can I get a 'duh'?! How many BILLIONS of dollars has the Post Office lost to prove that government can't even deliver the mail at a profit. How can we expect government to deliver affordable healthcare?
By the way, the Post Office has a monopoly on letter delivery, so the fact is that UPS and FedEx can't even compete on that level. Government health insurance will bankrupt private insurance because it can run at a loss, just like the Post Office, and stay operational. This is pure and simple economic waste.


~LiSsA~ said...

Does he even hear himself when he is talking? Does he hear the words coming out of his mouth?!

Taylor & Stephanie Cane said...

So this is what I perceive from videos like this:
1. Obama actually does know that government does things worse.
2. His passion for progressing socialism in this country is at conflict with things he knows to be true (about government run programs).
3. Obama really has no idea what he's talking about 90% of the time.

S. Logan said...

I like what Taylor said...

giraffe said...

Why is everyone so nostalgic about the darn postal service? How often does anyone get stuff in the mail that isn't advertisements or bills. Even my bills are online now too. I suppose there is a small segment of society that would cease to be served even by private enterprises if the postal service went away, but that is okay. They chose to live there in the backwoods and they probably don't get wi-fi either. gotta go...the mail man just came and brought something that looks neat!