April 29, 2009


This is what we should really be afraid of. Forget terrorism.

**I thought this was real until the end.


Taylor and Stephanie said...

wait so, what's the dealio here? what's his point? There is to much secrecy or what? just wondering.

Marianne said...

The point is that there is so much secrecy in government concerning legislation that directly affects us, the American people. It's also quite telling that they do not trust the public to know of imminent dangers, prompting their complete reliance on the government in a time of crisis.

Additionally, it's disturbing that the exact danger is never outlined, meaning it could be something as small as anti-tax demonstrations, flu outbreaks, or individual districts affirming their second amendment rights. In other words, the government in this simulation has given itself an all-access pass to control our lives in the case of any event they claim it has reference to, all the while protesting its legality because it passed through Congress, plus its necessity because of the "current crisis."

A little rambling, but I think you see my point that there are several implications if something like this were to be presented.