March 23, 2009

A New Record: Largest Bill Ever Printed

I remember sitting in my economics class when the professor talked about inflation and showed examples of some of the largest denominated bills ever printed. Check these out:

In 1946 Hungary issued a 100 Million B-Pengo, which was the the largest circulated banknote at the time, unfortunately it was worth only about $0.20 USD in 1946.

Hungary also printed a 1 Milliard (Trillion) B-Pengo in 1946 but it was never released into circulation.

On December 23, 1993, the former Yugoslavia issued a new banknote to keep up with rampant inflation, the 500 billion dinar note, that's a 5 followed by 11 zeros, but shortly after cut off nine of the zeros. One of the 500 billion dinar notes could have bought you lunch if you were very frugal.

The 500 Billion note just blew my mind. That was, until I saw this, just released from Zimbabwe:

Look at all those zeros!

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