February 25, 2009

What just happened?!

I was just watching Congressman Paul question Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. He asked him some very important questions and Bernanke gave some very elusive answers, as usual. Then Paul asked Bernanke if WWII pulled us out of the Great Depression. Paul was immediately cut-off by Barney Frank, even though he still had some time left, and they went on a break. This effectively nullified Paul's question and Bernanke didn't even have to answer it.
I will post the video as soon as possible, but honestly this was blatant censorship and I am amazed.


Taylor & Stephanie Cane said...

Barney is defending his own. Doesn't surprise me at all. What's so funny is how much of a hypocrite Barney Frank is, grilling Fannie and Freddie as to why they lent out such terrible loans to people when HE was the one that lobbied to influence them to give out the loans in the first place.

Barney Frank should be in jail right now and Bernanke should resign admitting that he has no idea what he's doing. That would be a wonderful start.

BEN said...

The hilarity of it, if you can find it within yourself to laugh, is that Bernanke has spent his whole career studying the Great Depression and how it "could have been avoided". The problem is that he studied all the wrong stuff, and now he can't figure out for the life of him how this happened. I remember vividly in my Econ 110 class the professor stating how extremely unlikely it was that something like the Great Depression could ever happen again because of our "modern" understanding of economics. Now that "understanding" has been turned on its head and they don't know why. I've got an idea: Let's go back to freedom!