January 14, 2009

Zimbabwe update: Just to prove my point

So remember how I said that the Zimbabwean dollar was $1 US = $9,570,555 Z? Well, as of today, the new rate is $1 US = $12,525,200 Z. So, the US dollar costs $3,000,000 (that's three million) MORE Zimbabwean dollars than it did TWO DAYS AGO!
This blew me away so I just wanted to share it. Don't think it can't happen to us.

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Taylor and Stephanie said...

This doesn't surprise me. My economics teacher used this country as an example of what happens when government gets involved and starts to control things too much. Zimbabwe was actually booming in the 90's and now it is in ruin.

John Locke said something to the effect that a man who thinks he can control an economy is the most arrogant. (paulson, bernanke)